About Us

American Alloy was established as a one-man shop in 1980 to support local industries with a precision welding service.

As business grew, customer’s demand for more value-added services began to increase. American Alloy accepted the challenge by reinvesting resources into new equipment and hiring additional employees.

In 1986, the company was approached by a local engine manufacturer to help design and produce a reusable rack for shipping their product. This was American Alloy’s entry into large scale contract manufacturing.

This work quickly overwhelmed the original shop and made necessary the construction of a new manufacturing facility. In 1987 the company moved into its new and current facility.

That same year the company incorporated and changed its name to American Alloy Fabrication, Inc. (AAFI).

When the engine manufacturer ceased local operations, AAFI’s reputation for ingenuity and craftsmanship, integrity and customer service attracted other customers from many diverse industries.

The company’s continued success and growth resulted in the need to expand the plant several times over the next few years.

From modest beginnings, AAFI continues to progress and evolve as a leader in the contract metal fabrication industry.

Full Service Contract Manufacturer

Today AAFI is a full service, vertically integrated contract manufacturer supplying customers with fabricated parts, industrial enclosures, custom weldments and mechanical assemblies. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment, operated by talented and experienced craftsmen. Our services range from design support to complete mechanical assembly manufacturing with a focus on precision, high tolerance products.

From concept to finished product, AAFI is the right choice for your metal fabrication needs!

Developing Relationships

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our customers in order to achieve mutual profitability. Our philosophy is to understand our customer’s business requirements and to become an extension of their organization as a manufacturing partner.

If you are looking for a valuable partner to fulfill your manufacturing requirements or need assistance with your products’ design, please contact us so we can be of service.

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