Metal Finishing


Secondary processes such as metal finishing are equally important to the manufacture of a product.

At AAFI these operations are performed by skilled personnel and monitored by Quality Control with the same consistency as our primary processes.

Stroke Sanding

Many of today’s stainless steel products have an attractive straight-line, grained finish.

We can produce this finish on most fabricated components with the use of stroke sanding equipment and a variety of abrasive or synthetic belts.

Even odd shaped parts can be finished with the use of fixtures and positioning devices, allowing the belt to consistently conform to the part’s shape.


Flat Part Deburring

Most customers require parts to have perfectly rounded, safe handling edges.

We accomplish this by using various automated processes.

One of these processes incorporates a unique multi-directional technology that results in uniform deburring of the part regardless of shape or complexity.
Many contoured, profiled or formed parts can be conditioned through this process.

The process is non-aggressive and will smooth and round edges without any critical damage to the surfaces.


Vibratory Tumbling

Mass finishing with ceramic media is a very economical method for deburring, polishing and creating radiuses on formed or machined parts.

AAFI operates various configurations and sizes of tumbling equipment to produce blemish free finishes on parts up to 60″ long.


Hand Deburring

Some grinding and finishing operations can’t be automated, so AAFI has a staff of metal finishing technicians to handle this work.

They are trained on the use of portable air and electric power tools as well as all of the other equipment throughout our Finishing Department.

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